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AUDITION: Tale of Peter Rabbit

AUDITION: The Tale of Peter Rabbit
The 2021 Majestic Teen Touring Musical

Tuesday, May 11th at 6:30pm
Tuesday, May 18th at 6:30pm

(Ages 13-17*) *You must be within these ages at the time of audition; proof of age may be required.



Listen to the songs HERE

Peter Rabbit, unlike sisters Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, is following the advice of his tummy (and his cousin Benjamin) versus the advice of his mother. Everyone (and we mean everyone!) knows that you stay out of Mr. McGregor’s garden. But Peter and Benjamin still venture into a world filled with excitement, adventure, and scrumptious vegetables! The thrills are just beginning when the angry farmer spots the silly bunnies. From the beginning, you and your audiences will meet other fun characters such as Caw and Kem, the two silly crows who know that a picket fence could never stop a bird. And who can forget the easy-going Cat, just waiting around the garden for her own meal. And, of course, there’s Mr. McGregor, the angry, befuddled farmer, who is willing to go to great lengths to protect his garden. This sparkling musical adaptation of Potter’s wonderful story is filled with delightful tunes that will make everyone smile. From Mr. McGregor’s ’This Is War,’ and Caw and Kem’s ’Bugs and Berries,’ to the beloved finale of ’The Family That Sings Together,’ this will have your audiences hopping with delight.



CHARACTERS (All ages considered for all roles):

  • PETER RABBIT is a bunny that gets himself into a little trouble as he ventures into the McGregor’s garden.
  • BENJAMIN is Peter’s cousin and partner in crime who loves to stir up a little mischief.
  • MRS. RABBIT is a kind and loving mother to her children.
  • MR. BUNNY is the protective father of the bunny clan.
  • FLOPSEY is the sweet and worrisome sister bunny of Peter.
  • MOPSEY is the energetic and bossy sister bunny of Peter.
  • COTTONTAIL is a sister bunny of Peter who loves to play with her siblings.
  • CAW is one hilarious half of the silly-crow duo.
  • KEM is the other comedic half of the silly-crow duo.
  • MR. MCGREGOR is an angry and befuddled farmer, who is willing to go to great lengths to protect his garden.
  • MRS. MCGREGOR is the caring wife of Mr. McGregor who shares his determination to protect their garden.
  • CAT is the lazy pet of Mr. and Mrs. McGregor.



  • REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: (at Majestic Studios – STARTS June 7th)
    • MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS from 3-6pm
      • Wednesday, July 21st at 10am & 2pm
      • Thursday, July 22nd at 10am
      • Thursday, July 29th at 10am & 1pm
      • Wednesday, August 4th at 3pm &  6pm
      • Other performances will be added, so be sure to put ALL CONFLICTS on your audition form.


  • You do not need to make an audition appointment, simply show up. We see people in the order they arrive and complete paperwork. To print and fill out the audition form ahead of time please click here: Audition Form 2018-19 – Youth
  • IMPORTANT: If you audition for our production and are cast it is expected you will follow through and do our production; failure to do so may prevent you from being cast in a future show as you will have possibly taken a spot from someone who was not cast. If you are auditioning ONLY for specific roles you may specify that on the audition form and you will only be considered for those roles. If you do not specify we will assume you will accept ANY role offered.
  • There is a $30 production fee associated with this production (if you need financial assistance please fill out our Majestic Theatre Scholarship App Form 18 – this should be done immediately AFTER casting as needing scholarship assistance is NOT a factor in casting). This includes all rehearsal materials for the show and a touring show t-shirt.
  • Please prepare a musical selection that shows off the character of your voice; please bring sheet music (pianist provided) or a backing track (no voices); you may blu-tooth to our stereo or bring a CD.
  • Audition may also consist of readings from the script (provided at audition time).
  • We will follow all theatre COVID policies as stated here.


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