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July 10, 2020 – July 18, 2020 all-day America/New York Timezone
Derry Opera House
29 W. BroadwayDerry
NH 03038
Adults - $20.00 / Seniors 65+ - $15.00 / This show is PG-13 (no youth tickets available)
May 6, 2020
Majestic Family,
As you know, in the interest of safety and within the timeline of the pandemic (which seems to change often) we have had to move or cancel a few productions this late Season.
I wanted to let you know that STEEL MAGNOLIAS has been moved to June 2021 and THE SECRET GARDEN has been cancelled. 
If you have tickets to these shows we graciously ask that you either donate your tickets back to the theatre (we will provide a tax receipt), or accept a gift certificate for the value of your tickets. We are trying to stay viable during this time and prefer to not offer refunds unless absolutely necessary; excessive refunds will impact our ability to get beyond this pandemic.
Ticket sales for the postponed STEEL MAGNOLIAS will be offered closer to the new dates in 2021.
If you have tickets to the forementioned shows please let us know what you would like to do so we can clear these tickets from our system. You can email [email protected]net or call us at (603)669-7469 (Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm). Please let us know your wishes before Friday, May 15th.
Thanks for your support and encouragement during this unprecedented time; we are looking forward to the day where we can be (safety) together enjoying theatre and each other’s company.
A. Robert Dionne, Artistic Director